Scaffolding Services

Our Scaffolding Services

Links Scaffolding Group offers comprehensive scaffolding services for both residential and commercial customers. Our scaffolding services are affordable, reliable and are always carried out to the highest possible standard. Regardless if we are installing scaffolding to a brand new construction, a small house or a tower block, our main goal is to give our customers an excellent service that fulfils all of their needs.

Our scaffolding services always begin with a detailed site survey to make sure that we understand all the specific requirements. At this point we will also check for any potential safety concerns that may need extra considerations. Once we have all the information we need, we will be able to provide you with a detailed quote and get started with the scaffold erection.

Our Specialisation

Here are some of the types of scaffolding we can put up to help you complete your project. Over the years we have developed the technical skills to work on any type of project.

Independent Scaffold

A conventional scaffold used regularly in the construction industry and on residential buildings. It can be utilised for a wide range of jobs including decorations and repairs, fascias and soffits renewal and extension and new build construction.

Staircase Systems

HAKI stair towers, public access stairs (PAS) and slim stairs to provide access to exterior workplaces at height.

Temporary Roof Scaffold

Temporary roofs are used in conversions and for properties that have fire damage and need to be repaired. This type of scaffold will protect the building from the weather.

Hanging Scaffold

A hanging scaffold is hung from the structure. It cannot be lowered or raised so it remains fixed in one position. This type of scaffold is classified as a special duty scaffold.

Birdcage Scaffold

This type of scaffold is usually used inside buildings and has a boarded surface to enable high level access to the ceilings.


A gantry is a structure that bridges over an area such as a path or a lower roof. It helps workers or the public access areas that would have otherwise been impossible to get to.

Scaffolding Installation Process

Once everything has been agreed and the scaffold erection is ready to start, we will arrange a date for the work to commence. We will arrive on site with the required materials to erect the scaffold in an agreed upon time frame. 

If you need any special requirements such as platforms, towers, staircases, lifting beams, hoists, temporary roofs or debris netting, our expert scaffolders can supply and fit them quickly and safely. Once the scaffolding is erected, the scaffolding hire starts for the agreed upon period.

We strive to supply a professional, safe and reliable scaffolding service that puts the customer’s needs first. Our experience in the industry means we understand how important it is to be adaptable. That’s why we are happy to work with you to make any adaptations while the scaffold is on hire.

Striking the Scaffolding

Once the scaffold is erected and on-hire it will be inspected every seven days to make sure that it is safe. The results of the inspection will be recorded on a scafftag. If required, any changes that need to be made to the scaffold will be made.

When the scaffold is no longer required, we will arrange a date to have it removed. During the dismantling process, great care is taken to ensure no damage is done to the building and all appropriate health and safety requirements are respected.

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