Birdcage Scaffolding

What is Birdcage Scaffolding?

Birdcage scaffolding is a type of independent scaffold which is most commonly used for interior projects in large structures such as museums, halls and churches. Birdcage scaffolding is usually only used for one level where easy access to ceilings and soffits is required for internal repairs or decoration. This type of scaffold features parallel rows of standards which are joined by ledgers in both directions to support one working platform. This scaffold is easily erected which makes it an excellent solution when it comes to small contained projects. Links Scaffolding Group has been erecting this kind of scaffolding for decades, so you can be confident when you choose us to help you with your project!

What is it used for?

This type of scaffolding is very important for a number of projects. If easy and safe access is required to high level areas such as ceilings, birdcage scaffolding is exactly what you need. Here are some of the projects that this type of scaffolding can be very useful for:

Light Installation – Fitting lights in the ceiling, especially in the middle of a high-ceiling room, can be a difficult task. Absent a stable platform to work from, light installation can become dangerous. To ensure the light installation goes successfully without any safety issues, a birdcage scaffolding is essential. 

Ventilation Systems – Ventilation systems are an integral aspect of any big property, especially a commercial building. However, they can be very hard to fit or repair without a safe platform to work from. By using birdcage scaffolding, your workers will be able to efficiently and easily get to the whole ventilation system to carry out installation or repairs. Whether you want to install a completely new system or carry out repairs on an existing system, you will require birdcage scaffolding.

Sprinklers & Fire Alarms – Ensuring your fire alarms and sprinkler systems are working properly, it is essential for any large building. But sprinklers and fire alarms can be a pain to access, especially if they need any repair or maintenance work. You will need something more secure than a ladder. That is why birdcage scaffolding will be perfect to help you complete this type of work.

Does your Project Need Birdcage Scaffolding?

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