Temporary Roof Scaffolding

What is Temporary Roof Scaffolding?

When a project requires a protected covering that protects from the weather, a temporary roof is often used. There are a number of options available when it comes to the material of the sheeting that will protect from the weather. Some cladding options include zinc or tin sheets (corrugated iron), Haki or Ubix roofing systems and shrink wrap sheeting.

There are many uses for a temporary roof. Most of the times a project will require a temporary roof scaffolding purely to keep the work area dry. However, sometimes projects will have more specialised requirements and a temporary roof will need to control temperature and humidity as well as keeping the area dry.

Types Of Temporary Roof

Links Scaffolding Group provides temporary roofing solutions constructed of quality materials. We make sure each temporary roof we construct has the appropriate tensile strength and resilience to handle extreme weather conditions. Our temporary roof systems can also be used to set up concert stages and to protect precious equipment and machinery from the weather. We offer the highest quality temporary roof scaffolding that is available in various sizes. They can be covered with either corrugated iron or shrink wrap.

Corrugated Iron

To achieve a traditional temporary roof, we can construct a corrugated canopy structure to the required ridge height of the roof. During the erection of the temporary roof scaffolding, we make sure the alloy beams are the right span. Double coupler components are used and tubes are tied to the front and back of the beams to ensure the span across the structure is adequately supported. Next, we fix purling tubes to the centre of the beams. These will act as a support for the steel sheets.

Shrink Wrap

If your project requires the area to be tightly sealed, a shrink wrap temporary roof is an excellent option. Shrink wrap is made from polyethylene and is totally recyclable. It can protect from noise pollution, which can help to keep the inside of the structure fairly quiet. Shrink wrap is also very easy to repair so if it is punctured, we can quickly reseal the temporary roof.

Does your Project Need A Temporary Roof?

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